After finally hanging up the valance in my bathroom (it’s been on the project list for about 2 years now…) I was just tickled with the look—it really brought everything together, but something still wasn’t quite right! I needed to add a little more fabric to the space, just to add that one last touch. I remembered a trick that I had seen my mom do to some of her kitchen towels and knew it was perfect! I was off to HomeGoods in no time, picking out the perfect plain old towels to transform into my final accent in the bathroom!
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At the beginning of the month I attended my first quilt guild. I know—it sounds crazy…a designer that’s never been to a guild meeting, but hear me out—it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. I now stand corrected; guild meetings are fun for all! I’m super excited to join as a member at the next meeting of the Lancaster Modern Guild! I learned so much at my first demo night, one technique was of particular importance to me: the invisible appliqué machine stitch. This is a technique that isn’t all that new, but I was unaware (and in need) of it until now. I was so inspired that I went home and ripped out a freshly finished appliqué quilt that was just begging for this technique! I’ll require a bit more practice until it’s perfected, but I love the clean edges that it allows (Continue reading…)

Today I’ve got a fantastic DIY project for you! In a new adventure that I’ve gotten ourselves into, we’ve decided that it’s time for a big change in our front yard. I’ve dubbed this project as “un-landscaping.” After a whirlwind year, and our front flowerbeds mysteriously being weeded (I’m assuming by our sweet neighbors) while we were away for the weekend, it’s time to step back and admit our limits. Flowerbeds aren’t beautiful when they are being taken over by weeds and untrimmed, disproportionate shrubs. (Continue reading…)

Finally! My big day has come and I am officially a vendor at my first Quilt Trade Show! I’ve been to the Lancaster Quilt Show with my mom and her quilt shop in previous years, and it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! This little convention center holds over 3,000 quilters, crafters, and sewists for 4 days every March, and this year I finally got to officially join the party. I was excited to meet all these new quilting friends and expand my business to trade shows. (Continue reading…)